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GRAPHICA FB [Fiber Base] Glossy, Museum Weight Photo Paper produces truly designed to reproduce excellent photographic quality digital images that are virtually indistinguishable from professional-lab results. FB GLOSSY Paper is newly developed for pigment ink which is excellent in archiving highest class print images, which will satisfy the highest degree of professional-lab's requirement on vibrancy and realism.

Layer Structure


Use of Ink Jet Media:
To fully utilize the characteristics of this ink jet media, note the following points:


ORIENTAL Ink jet media GRAPHICA is not sticky or dry when you touch it immediately after printing. If you overlay, laminate, or put prints in a transparent holder right after printing, images may be blurred depending on the printer used.

Follow the procedure described below to reduce the probability of blurred prints prior to storage.

  1. Surfaces of FB Glossy Paper employs very soft structure, which can be very easily damaged in handling. Be sure to handle the paper very softly both before and after printing.
  2. Pigment ink is recommended for FB Glossy Paper to secure highest level of photo quality for archival prints. Dye ink can be used for normal printing.


“Light fastness”

It is possible to output full-color images on inkjet media. To preserve image quality for a long period, follow the procedure below.



  1. Allow prints to fully dry.
  2. Avoid storing your prints in places exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, or direct sunlight.
  3. Be sure to laminate the prints or apply commercially available surface processing agent.
  • ORIENTAL does not guarantee the longevity of the prints. For maximum print life display all prints under glass or lamination or properly store them.


Store unused sheets flat inside the package and in a cool, dry place.


“Technical Specifications”

Base Material Fiber Based Paper
  • Paper type setting differs depending on types of paper
  • Printed color differs due to printers
Basis Weight 320 g/m2
Thickness 306 um
ISO brightness 102%
Opacity 98%
Surface Finish Glossy
Hot lamination Yes


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