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About Oriental

Oriental Photo Industrial was founded in 1919 offering the first line photographic photosensitive materials in Japan.

As Oriental's product line expanded to; Rapid Portrait Film Plate (1928), 120 roll film (1934), Monochrome ORI-Pan S film (1950), and the first ORICOLOR color negative film (1953), Orin Color Roll Printer (1966), Color Paper RC (1973), NEW Seagull Graded "G" (1980), Hyper Seagull Black & White and Sepia (1998), and Inkjet and LaserJet Paper (2001).

Oriental began exporting to other world markets in 1921, rapidly gaining market share with its innovative products.


In 1962 Oriental won the Japanese Industrial Science and Technology Agency's award as Japan's Elite Factory, one of the many prestigious awards bestowed upon Oriental over the years. Oriental has prided itself as the industry leader of high quality photographic products since it's inception.

Oriental's reputation has grown with Professional Photographers and Professional Labs as the highest quality black & white papers available. Photographers like Ansel Adams have sworn to the incredible tones, contrast, and highlights of Oriental's paper. With the recent advancements in the New Seagull and Hyper Seagull papers Oriental has again reached new levels of product performance far superior to any
other products in the market place.

To keep abreast with the current digital printers Oriental is developing lines of inkjet papers, wide format inkjet papers, and LaserJet papers with similar image quality to it's photographic papers.

To learn more about individual Oriental papers, please visit the Products section of our website.

Oriental History

1919 : Oriental Photo Industrial Co., Ltd. foundation. It was the first full-scale comprehensive photograph photosensitive-materials maker in Japan.
1921 : First present age type printing paper "Orient" sale in Japan. This printing paper is first exported next year.
1924 : "Photograph Times" first publication.
1928 : "Oriental Special RAPIDDO Portrait Film Plate" was developed and put on the market.
1929 : An Oriental Photographers' School was established. A large number of many talented people was produced on the photograph community.
1933 : A movie "Pure City" was manufactured by the Oriental positive film. It was the first movie by the domestic film.
1934 : "Oriental roll film" was developed and put on the market.
1937 : "Pan-X film" sale. "Oriental Hyper-pan film plate" was developed and put on the market.
1950 : Monochrome film "ORI-pan S" was developed and put on the market.
1953 : The first color nega film in Japan "ORIColor" and "Oriental Color Paper" was developed and put on the market.
1959 : An electronic photocopy machine "ORI fax", photosensitive mimeograph copying machine "ORI TOSHA" was developed and put on the market.
1962 : As a JIS superior factory, the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology length prize was won.
1963 : The domestic only account type oscillograph paper "Oriental Oscillograph Paper DV" sale of direct.
1964 : Domestic general agent "Oriental Photo Supply Corporation" inauguration of an oriental product.
1965 : Monochrome paper processing machine "SHIGARURORU series" sale. Color sheet printer "oriental color printer model S" was developed and put on the market.
1966 : Color roll printer "ORI Color Roll Printer" was developed and put on the market.
1967 : Printing paper "Eagle" sale for enlarger.
1970 : "Oriental PANKURO paper" sale. It was the domestic only PAN-kuro paper.
1973 : "Oriental color paper RP type" was developed and put on the market.
1974 : "Oriental Phototypesetting Printing Paper" was developed and put on the market.
1978 : Micro monochrome printer "Eagle auto printer BSR-2" and the "Oriental sheet processor CRW305"
1979 : High-definition printing paper "Oriental Laser Graph Paper OLG100" sale for phototelegraphy.
1980 : The Highest-class thick Baryta Monochrome Printing paper "New Seagull" and "Oriental Color Printer M-117C" for micro color printer were put on the market.
1984 : A Japanese photographer association prize was won according to the distinguished services of monochrome printing paper manufacture.
1985 : Heat development processing system "dry KOPIKKUSU" sale.
1988 : It puts on the market overseas "New Seagull SelectVC"sale.
1992 : It puts on the market in the "New Seagull SelectVC" domestic.
1996 : 35mm monochrome film "ORIPAN 400" sale.
It puts on the market by monochrome printing paper "New Seagull Series" new design.
1997 : After transfer of goodwill from Oriental Photo Industrial Company, which is in need of reorganization, established new Oriental Photo Industrial Company.
1998 : A mono-tone color paper[HYPER SEAGULL(black, sepia)] in which world's first color processing is possible, was developed and put on market.
Logistics center opened (Kazo, Saitama)
Tokyo office was transferred to Kudan-Minami(Chiyoda-Ku) from Kanda nishiki-cho(Chiyoda-Ku).
1999 : Sales department office was transferred to Kanda nishikicho, Management Department was integrated and located in Hiratsuka Head Office(Hiratsuka, Kanagawa)
Monochrome printing paper "New Seagull VC-FB Warmetone" It is a precedence sale start in the United States.
2000 : Logistics center was transferred to Atsugi (Kanagawa) from Kazo(Saitama).
Management department was transferred to Kanda nishikicho.
Capital increase up to 675 million Yen by capital allotment to third party.
Changed the company name to CyberGraphics Corporation, and simultaneously transferred the head office to Kanda Nishikicho (Chiyoda, Tokyo) from Hiratsuka. Newly developed and aggressively promoting the hologram prints system which provides an effective deterrent against counterfeiting.
2001 : The "Oriental Color Laser Paper" sale start only for color laser was carried out.
2002 : Logistics center was transferred to Yokohama (Kanagawa) from Atsgi (Kanagawa).

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